'A'GRADE Office Cleaning Services

‘A’ Grade Office Cleaning

‘A’ Grade Office Cleaning is a family owned contract cleaning organisation in Adelaide. Established in Adelaide in the early 1980’s as AFFORDABLE Office Cleaning, we started out as a single operator cleaning windows. Gradually, our business grew and we expanded into office cleaning, surviving and growing through the economic turmoil of the 80’s and have been operating ever since.

Competing against a largely franchised industry, we have experienced a slow, but steady growth and we are now proud that around twenty Adelaide families depend on us (and you – our clientele) for income.

Because we are not franchisers, we do not sell our contracts
This means our survival depends on customer satisfaction and keeping you happy. Retention (not selling) of our clientele is how we maintain our income.

Our small administrative team equates to lower running costs, which results in better value and lower prices for you, the customer. Most importantly, our personal approach emphasises the need for hospitality and communication with our customers. Although growth has been our long term goal, it has never been at the cost of personalised service with integrity.

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